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Security Flaws

The County Clerk is custodian of vital county records, but the
most important job is Steward of Our County Election Ballots.

Election Protection:

Our County Clerk is where our ballots are collected and tabulated. It is our first line of defense for election protection.

Sherry HEALY is a longtime election protection advocate for Oregon and the nation.
She brings a wealth of election security expertise and knowledge to our County Clerk’s job.


Business Operations:

We deserve the best leadership. There is NO excuse for so many costly errors & refusal to sign marriage certificates.

Sherry HEALY brings over 30 years of professional experience in real estate, finances, legal documentation, business operations to ensure Clackamas County meets the highest operational standards.

Why shouldn’t Clackamas County be the model
for the best vote-by-mail practices?

Isn’t it time we had an expert protecting your votes?

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