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Security Flaws

Isn’t it time we had an expert protecting our votes?

Security Flaws

In Oregon, despite carefully examining ballots for voter intent and extensive pre-testing, rarely are ballots examined AFTER computer tabulation.

Yet computer security experts continue to warn us that our Oregon voting systems have ports and/or wireless connections, as well as microprocessor chips – all of which can be entry points for malware.

The problem is malware can easily lay in wait undetected during pre-testing, activate momentarily during actual tabulation, and then disappear without a trace. DETAILS This means no amount of pre-testing can catch malware intrusion.

Take a minute and let’s look at the current state of Oregon election systems – both good and bad.

Oregon Elections Briefly


Solutions = Risk-Limiting Audits

It is rare to examine the ballots after tabulation, yet this is essential to deter malware intrusions in manipulating our elections.

In 2006, in response to this need, Sherry Healy co-authored with R. Jerry Adams, Ph.D., “The Titanium Standard”, which is a budget-friendly protocol, now called, Risk-Limiting Audits. This is a hand count of a statistically significant number of randomly chosen ballots to ensure with 99% confidence that the computer tabulation is accurate.

The Titanium Standard

FYI – At the behest of then-Secretary of State, Bill Bradbury and then-Rep. Mitch Greenlick, to come up with some way to audit our Vote by Mail. This protocol was created in collaboration with the Oregon Voter Rights Coalition. Unfortunately, very little of the protocol was implemented into the current election code.

Colorado, which is also exclusively votes by mail and uses similar equipment. In November 2017, Colorado addressed the inherent security flaws using Risk-Limiting Audits. Is Oregon now falling behind?

Gentle Introduction to Risk-Limiting Audits

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