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Security Flaws

Isn’t it time we had an expert protecting our votes?

Responsibilities of County Clerk

Financial, Legal, Real Estate, Administrative & Election Expertise

 Sherry HEALY’s
experience includes:
Current Chair of the DPO Election Integrity Caucus of Oregon15+ years advocate for best practices in election security, including:• Co-Founder of CEPN, a non-partisan, not-for profit, election integrity advocacy organization• Coordinator for Election Defense Alliance committed to raising awareness of security flaws in our election systems• Vote Trust, USA, a nationwide leadership council monitoring our election systems 
Custodian of Records
(including tax and real estate records)
20+ years of experience leading a highly successful small business whose clientele included multinational corporations10+ years licensed experience in real estate and financeFormer paralegal and legal file administratorBachelor’s & Master’s degreesSignator & Custodian of
Marriage Certificates
While the current Clackamas County Clerk refuses to sign same sex marriage certificates, Sherry HEALY supports marriage for EVERYONE.

Author of numerous articles, procedures, recommendations:

Co-Author of an election audit protocol titled, “The Titanium Standard,” written with R. Jerry Adams, Ph.D. of the Oregon Voter Rights Coalition (“OVRC”), which provides for a hand counted sampling of ballots to verify with 99% statistical confidence that the computer tabulation is accurate.



15 Years in 1 Minute

Highlights of Events Initiated, Produced and/or Written by Sherry Healy:

Progressive Oregon

an affiliate of Our Revolution


Independents for Progressive Action

an affiliate of Our Revolution

“In my ten years overseeing elections, Clackamas County’s election problems remain troubling. Voters shouldn’t stand for it. Sherry HEALY should be Clerk. An election expert, she’ll do a great job

for Clackamas County.”


Oregon Secretary of State, 1999-2009

“It is really great to have someone running for county clerk who has a very long term dedication to election integrity and understands the problems running for office. I totally support Sherry Healy.”

- David Delk, Oregon Progressive Party


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